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Adventures of a Professional Bum in Australia

The Weekly Journal of a Man Who Never Leaves The Road
Anchor 1
Surf's Up
Quokka Please
Fringe World
The Witch's Hat 
Coffee For a Stranger
Adelaide Fringe
My Van
Trouble in Paradise
Quarantined on Wheels
A Day on the Road
How to Build a Kitchen in a Van
First Nephew
Locked Out
Quarantine Creativity
Scared Green
Locked in Lockdown
First Step
Vanlife Quarantine
3 Things Quarantine Taught Me
Why Live in a Van?
Dating Tips For Van Dwellers
Surprise Vanlife Benefits
True Van Life
The two sides of my brain every morning
A Van Dwelling Comedian's Perfect Birthday Gift
A Vanlife Couple from the Future Explain how they met back in 2020
Tinder Dates Reacting to Me Living in a Van
Tinder Dates Reacting to Spending the Night in a Van
The Fairy Light
Installation Guy
How Van Life Ended my Relationship
The Bare Minimum Essentials for Surviving Van Life
What NOT to say on a 1st Date when you Live in a Van
8 Things every Van Dweller Must Know
Is Van Life Worth it?
Why I'm doing Phone and Laptop Free Van Life for a Week
What I learned from a Phone and Laptop free week in a Van
Is Living in a Van cheaper than Renting?
How to get Ripped off by a Mechanic
Why Road Trips are the Best Trips
7 Money Saving Tips Every Van Dweller Should Know
The 10 Worst Things About #Vanlife
How Living in a Van Found me a Relationship
Comedian Gives 4 Minute Full Van Tour of his Beloved Tony the Transporter
Our First and Last Trip
The Van Dweller that Won the Lottery
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