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comedy in its purest form, is the rawest performance art.

We don't have the luxury of autotune, the ability to hide behind an instrument, or polite applause simply because a piece has finished.

People leave a concert after seeing their favourite band saying

"I wish they would have played more of their old stuff."

Those same people leave the comedy club having watched their favourite comic and criticize     

"I had heard one of those jokes before." 

In stand up you earn every inch you get.  

The success is all yours.

The failure is all yours.

Just you, a mic, and your jokes.

And there's nothing better. 

Stand Up 

Cosmic Comedy
Berlin, Germany
The Stand
Glasgow, Scotland
Victoria, B.C. Canada
Camden Comedy Club
London, England
Broadway's Comedy Club
New York City, USA
Absolute Comedy
Ottawa, ON Canada
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